chamber opera for manipulated objects and electronic keyboards

opera for 3 pianists, 3 manipulators and 1 video creator - composition Marc Monnet, directed by Arno Fabre
Work in progress, premiere planned for March 2020, for the Biennale Musiques en Scène - GRAME, Lyon.

This project was born from the proposal that the composer Marc Monnet made me to create "something" from his musical piece Bibilolo. For that, I summoned my friends Latifa Leforestier (puppeteer), Joris Guibert (video signal crusher) and Pi'oui (graphist-pruner) to invent together this show, from our cerebraltistic heaping.

R0038819 A

It would be an opera, or a ballet. A chamber opera without actors or singers. A ballet for plastic animals, radio controlled excavators, exterminating robots and shadows. It might also be circus, with clowns ...

Like a child's room, the stage is a space-world that lends itself to the game of explorations and transformations, the place of dream, fantasy and terrifying. The place where dolls are as much made-up than dismembered, where the umbrella mechanisms become birds of Paradise, where shadows dance, and where "Duracell rabbits" arrived at the end of the world commit suicide by throwing themselves into the void, still drumming... The main "actors" are toys, theater machinery, light projections and robotic automata. They are operated by artist-manipulators who are puppeteers, machinists, lighting technicians and pilots of radio-controlled vehicles. They are at work.

Through our transversal approach, we want to invite you to a playful and demystified experience of contemporary music. It is about childhood of course, but in that way it is wonderfully free to invent chimerical, terrifying to play with cruel and extremely serious to work of the game.

"It's a Breughel. All these characters pierced with spears, others who tear their hair or put things in their ears, it moves everywhere, there is no uniqueness, there can not be a single action. (...) Yes I believe that we are in the world of childhood, of playfulness, of everything that makes our imagination, of all that is our unconscious. The birds, the little songs, it is a world which is our culture, of which we do not go out. (...)
I made this work with great freedom, I really wanted to have fun, that is to forbid nothing, including when I imitate a 60s rock band or a traditional Indian music.
Marc Monnet speaking from Bibilolo to Arno Fabre.

Rather than Breughel, I think of Jerome Bosch, Boltanski's "Théâtre d'ombres" or Calder's Circus. I think of the grotesque, the burlesque, the mysterious and the reversal of the world. Because, by following the dramaturgy of the dream, it is the metamorphosis that is the main action of the show.

Below, some pictures of our first explorations :

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composition > Marc Monnet
staging > Arno Fabre

cerebraltistic heaping, construction and manipulation > Latifa Leforestier, Eric Dubert says Pi'oui and Arno Fabre

video creation >
Joris Guibert
pianist > Lætitia Grisi, Julien Martineau and
Stephanos Thomopoulos
music programming > Thierry Coduys

production manager > Muriel Dutrait

production and diffusion >
co-production >
Festival Printemps des Arts de Monte-Carlo, GRAME Centre National de Création Musicale - Lyon
residence >
Théâtre Le Hangar
with the support of >
La Région Occitanie

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