Loup y es-tu ?

Wolf, are you there ?

installation - wolf paper mache, lighting and video - loop of 1h 40m - 2009

Coming from Italy, wolves are back in France for fifteen years. Although natural, this return ask many questions about agriculture, ecology, politics, traveling, tourism and philosophy. At a time of trendy "sustainable development", "biodiversity" and other "future generations", this is, again, the question of our hegemonic relationship to the world, to the savage, to another.
My encounter with the beast is the opportunity to know is point of view and to ask my 666 questions (in french).

n.b. : could be translated and projected on a big wall or outside on a facade.


from an idea by sabine petit and arno fabre
design and realization > arno fabre
sculpture > sabine petit
production and diffusion >

thank you to laurence for her proofreading

A command of the
Mission de sauvegarde du patrimoine scientifique contemporain en Midi-Pyrénées 2009.