Astragale Zénon l'arpenteur

sound installation - 2006

Rather than elaborating complex multi channels devices to offer a third dimension to the sound diffusion, I said to myself :
"And if the loudspeaker was capable of moving ..."

The projet is simple :
> invent a robot ;
> teach him to see, to move and to react in a unique fashion ;
> fix a loudspeaker to the robot ;
> compose sounds diffused by this loudspeaker ;
> multiply this by six ;
> release this team in the crowd.

Every robot is unique.
One likes going fast in a straight line, the other one prefers following walls, whereas the third stubbornly drows lemniscates. But still, all of them remember Zeno of Elea, the walking philosopher, who's walking is tactical. All of this is in order to bring the attention of the listener into the speach, but more importantly, in order to bring him in the movement. Naturally, to every type of movement corresponds a sound which makes it's one echo : Hesitation ; Fishes ; Agricultural Topography ; The Paradox of the Astragal and Harmony of the movement.

From those deambulations, who seems choreographed, come a remarkable cacophony, like our thoughts, heterogeneous and wandering.

>> download the video (QuickTime 8 Mo).


design, realization and programming > arno fabre
sound design > sabine petit et arno fabre
electronic design > frédéric giamarchi
production and diffusion >

Astragale Zénon l’arpenteur - commissioned by the Printemps des Arts de Monte-Carlo 2006.