Les Souliers - quintet

The Shoes - quintet

sound installation - 2007


Amongst the masse of sounds wich surround us, there is one which stick to our feet : the sound of our steps. It is the result of the delicate alchemy of a man moving on the ground. Generally, at this place, there is a foot garment : the shoe.

"Les Souliers - quintet" is an orchestra of five pair of shoes, piloted by computer and mechanically actived by "tramplers".
The shoes strikes and scrapes the floor. They interpret a piece especially written for them : "Etude pour Quintet de Souliers" (a Midi digital score played by mas/msp)). This study (10 minutes loop) is in two movements. The first one suggests folkdance steps from a still unknown country, and the second one a military march leadind to a mess.


design and realization > arno fabre
musical composition > sabine petit and arno fabre
programming max/msp > matthieu phillipon
electronic design > francis bras -
production and diffusion >

Les Souliers are supported by the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication - Dicréam (Ministry of Culture and Communication), the city of Toulouse, Bauer & Durin Réalisations and by Farnell France.