Audrey Ginestet & Arno Fabre

Concert performance for radios, water drops, turntable and LP's endings - 2016


They are two. She, in the living room, listens conscientiously to the last "silent" furrows of his LPs. Him, in the kitchen, is cuting more or less randomly the radio waves with water drops.Together, they concoct a minimalist and pointillist sound piece for curious and sharp ears.

From time to time, Audrey makes me listen to her collection of ends of LP's (you remember, this last groove of the vinyl records that loops as long as the turntable's arm has not been raised). Small sounds that usually we do not pay attention, but in fact, they become terribly rich and delicate. For sure, we do that very consciensiouly. Maybe we play to be the aesthetes of the little noises ... So one day I suggested to her to continue playing together, she with her vinyls and me with the radios of my installation Composition pour trois radios. The last furrows produce a kind of continuum for my radios playing solo percussions. The meeting was obvious, immediately perfect, I was waiting for it.

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